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T2009 Winter T

Family Rettreat



November 5, 2008


Dear fellow Rett families,


We offer our most sincere apologies for the long delay in posting this letter/notice. 


A very sincere thank you to all the families & extended families coming from across New Jersey & the surrounding regions who joined us at the 2007 & 2008 Winter Rettreats, and a very special thank you to the financial & presentation sponsors of the 2007 & 2008 Winter Rettreats. 


After attending several earlier Winter Rettreats Cindy & I found ourselves planning & organizing the 2007 Winter Rettreat from a comment I made at the 2006 event (be careful what you wish for you just might actually get it).  Early this year we were contacted by previous participants about the 2008 Winter Rettreat as they had heard (not from us) that we were organizing it again.  While this was news to us & it was too late to arrange a number of programs (as most sibling & family presenters were booked by that time), we did our best and put together the 2008 Winter Rettreat, contact booklet, discount hotel rate, inexpensive in hotel buffet (once again), family info handout packets & gifts for our Silent Angels.


While we find ourselves quite torn, wanting to organize the 2009 Winter Rettreat & use the feedback that was provided in the past 2 years to make the gathering even better & more fun, we regret that we must, in the best interest of our family, for family health reasons, personal reasons, including starting my own business this past year & more, take a much less active role in the 2009 Winter Rettreat. 


I will post information on this web site when I am informed about it, but I apologize, as we will not be organizing and planning the 2009 Winter Rettreat.  Perhaps in the future we will be more active again, but alas not this coming year.


Never forget Care Today, Cure Tomorrow” for our girls.



David Krivoshik

Husband to   Cindy

Father to     Danielle 10

                     Peter 13

                     Laura 15 RS

                     Paula 20

                     Dawn 23 (mother to our granddaughter Ashley 9 months)


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For the love of our Rett Angel

Laura Amy Krivoshik



at Baba’s house

on Russian Christmas (January 7th)


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