This is a work in progress.

Pictures & stories will be added as I am able to.

Please check back from time to time. 


If you have memories and/or stories about Laura, we would love you to share them with us so we can keep her memory alive.





For the love of our special angel who we miss so very much & always will…


Angels are Real...  [Download pdf file]

First shared in small part by Laura’s dad August 9th, 2007 and expanded April 23rd 2010.


Don’t weep at my grave...  [Download pdf file]

Read by Laura’s little sister, Danielle 12, on April 23rd 2010.


Lost our special Angel...  [Download pdf file]


Silent Angels (Life with a special needs child)...  [Download pdf file]

Written & published by Laura’s mom.





Russian Christmas January 7th years ago at Baba’s house.





Laura giving Uncle Bill a hug January 6th 2002 as we celebrated Russian Christmas (which is January 7th).





Laura playing (sort of, she liked pushing the buttons & see things change) a video game January 6th 2002.





Mom & Laura dressed for an event at the Rock Brook School May 4th 2003.





Riding horseback on a birthday long ago at Cross Creek Farm…

(fits here trying to find the date, sorry, also the picture is not reversed her crown was.)





Peter, Laura & Danielle smiling on our deck in Ringoes November 2004.





Cousin Jackie, sister Danielle and Laura brushing a goat, Laura also was trying to feed the goat some straw,

at the Baltimore Zoo (now called the Maryland Zoo) March 26th 2005.





Riding proudly & so very happy during the Heads Up Special Riders annual horse show June 17th 2007.





Danielle, Dawn, Peter, Paula & Laura, Sand Bridge Beach, Virginia August 26th 2007,

also the only picture we have with all 5 of our children smiling at the same time.





Laura dressed for her 14th Birthday, ready to go to school, September 12th 2007.





Laura was always so extremely happy & very proud to say “I’m your Aunt Laura” to Ashley which she is in this picture.

She then asked Ashley ‘can you talk?’  Laura wanted to just simply love her, hold her, play with her and to help take

care of her in any way.  It made her so very happy when she could, as you can see she was on March 3rd 2008.

It was one of the few times her hands did not tremble or shake.





Laura riding the Dragon Roller Coaster Bubbles at Story Book Land with Peter & Danielle July 6th 2008.





Laura tasting the North Pole (its real ice) with Peter watching at Story Book Land July 6th 2008.





Laura playing with her puppy Skip July 26th 2008.





Laura hanging out with Skip in her chair in her room July 26th 2008.





Laura and Skip (wearing his service dog tag) in our rented condo Sandbridge BeachVirginia Beach, Virginia August 27th 2008.





After having hit the ball at The Midland School picnic once again before I could step back & take her picture doing so, June 14th 2009.





Cousin Jaclyn, sister Danielle & Laura in Lake Absegami at Bass River State Forest, NJ July 5th 2009.





Laura holding Rett Bear at the Medlin’s picnic August 1st 2009.





Laura swimming next to Karen wearing Donkey (she loved floats that snapped around her) at their picnic August 1st 2009.





Riding a carousel horse at Dutch Wonderland, Lancaster, PA, September 1st 2009.

She closed her eyes because she was so very happy.





About to take off on a parachute ride at Dutch Wonderland, Lancaster, PA with her attentive caring younger brother Peter,

September 1st 2009.





At the water park at Dutch Wonderland, Lancaster, PA, with her loving little sister Danielle, September 1st 2009.





Opening a birthday present (a baby doll of course) with Baba’s help on her 16th birthday, September 12th 2009.





Laura walking through the snow to put carrots out for Santa’s reindeer so they wouldn’t be hungry, December 24th 2009.





Laura was always so extremely happy & very proud to say “I’m your Aunt Laura” to Jacob & Ashley.  She is holding Jacob.

Laura wanted to just simply love them, hold them, play with them and to help take care of them in any way at all.

It made her so very happy when she could, as you can see she was on March 20th 2010.

It was one of the very few times her hands did not tremble or shake.





Laura, Peter, Danielle, Cindy & Helen (a friend) celebrating Cindy’s birthday at The China Buffet April 3rd 2010 in Flemington, NJ.





Laura walking with Baba (her maternal grandmother) on Easter Sunday April 4th 2010.

Laura loved her hats & had great pleasure picking from the many she had to wear.





Laura with her basket of eggs from what will be our last ever Easter egg hunt April 4th 2010.

So happy she closed her eyes and smiled.





Laura petting a cow on April 6th 2010 at the Maryland Zoo (formerly the Baltimore Zoo) with mom.





Laura brushing a goat at the Maryland Zoo on April 6th 2010 with mom & cousin Jackie.




The Midland School


Laura loved going to the Midland School so much that she was lost on snow days & holidays.

On the weekends she couldn’t wait until Monday to go to school.


On June 18th 2010 the Executive Director of the Midland School Philip M. Gartlan presented the first annual

Laura Krivoshik Spirit Award in her honor & memory.


“Laura Krivoshik was a Midland Student who sadly passed away this year.


Laura was a happy, enthusiastic, and naturally polite young lady who came to school every day with a smile on her face


Laura loved books, animals, her family, her friends … and they loved her.

Her teacher and classmates described her as someone who found the simple joy in her daily routines and class activities …

As someone who knew how to be happy in the moment.


In honor of Laura, we would like to present the Laura Krivoshik Spirit Award to the Midland student who exemplifies

Laura’s enthusiasm, her love of family and friends, and her ability to live fully and joyfully in each moment.


I am pleased to present the Laura Krivoshik Spirit Award to

Daphne Esposito.”






Earth Day long ago at The Midland School wearing a blue butterfly shirt & matching hat.





Laura in the library at The Midland School, reading a book she had picked out.

Laura loved books and even more so loved when we read to her.





A shopping cart relay race during a Dad & Me program at The Midland School.

Laura loved pushing the cart but moved so very slow, so I pushed the cart as she hung on to keep up.

I never knew how happy she was during these events until I received this & other pictures from her school.

She did ask me from time to time if we could do more Dad & Laura things, I never knew how happy they made her.

I wish there were more of these events that I could have done with her.





Playing a game during speech therapy at The Midland School in 2009.





Laura, so proudly accepting her award at The Midland School.





On Tuesday night April 13th 2010 at bed time Laura kept saying again & again ‘take my picture, take my picture’.

She would not stop so I finally did with my cell phone with only the 4 watt night light on in her bedroom (no flash). 

The first time the picture was all black, I moved the night light & took this second photograph, which I showed to Laura

 and said ‘we can see you now’, I almost never showed Laura the pictures on my camera let along my cell phone.

Laura then told me ‘thank you, I love you daddy’.  I gave her a kiss and said, ‘I love you too hon (honey),

please go to sleep so you won’t be tired for school in the morning.’

Laura loved going to the Midland School so much that she was lost on snow days & holidays.


I cannot believe that this is the last photograph of our beautiful angel we will ever have.


I love you Laura & always will.




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