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Laura Amy Krivoshik

September 12th 1993 – April 17th 2010

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On Tuesday night April 13th 2010 at bed time Laura kept saying again & again ‘take my picture, take my picture’.

She would not stop so I finally did with my cell phone with only the 4 watt night light on in her bedroom (no flash). 

The first time the picture was all black, I moved the night light & took this second photograph, which I showed to Laura

 and said ‘I can see you now’.  I almost never showed Laura the pictures on my camera display let alone even take them

on my cell phone.                                                                                                                                                 


Laura then told me ‘thank you, I love you daddy’.  I gave her a kiss and said, ‘I love you too hon (honey),

please go to sleep so you won’t be tired for school in the morning.’

Laura loved going to the Midland School so much that she was lost on snow days & holidays.


I cannot believe that this is the last photograph of our beautiful angel we will ever have.


How long do you want to be loved, is forever enough, is forever enough…


I love you Laura & I will love you forever.




For the love of our special angel who we miss so very much & always will..


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Angels are Real...  [Download pdf file]

First shared in small part by Laura’s dad August 9th, 2007 and expanded April 23rd 2010 at Laura’s memorial service.


Don’t weep at my grave...  [Download pdf file]

Read by Laura’s little sister, Danielle 12, on April 23rd 2010.


Lost our special Angel...  [Download pdf file]


Silent Angels (Life with a special needs child)...  [Download pdf file]

Written & published by Laura’s mom.


Laura’s Christmas Card 2010 (A far too quiet time this year)...  [Download pdf file]


Laura’s Story in Pictures (a not so Silent Angel)


Laura’s Garden (a butterfly memorial garden)


Books (Select books offered through amazon.com)


Silent Angels – The Rett Syndrome Story (IRSA VHS offered through amazon.com)


Dawn Marie Krivoshik Hartman

December 15th 1984 – May 27th 2016

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